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Funding Startups, sitting on the other side of the table

Being part of the funding process for exciting startups is both a tremendously exciting and rewarding experience. We have seen many funding processes for startups that are between seed funding and a series A round. At this point, there is proof of concept, revenue, employees, and a well thought out strategy, but the companies are often not close to becoming profitable and thus their runway is burning and they need the series A for explosive growth.

The experience at this point in the companies life is truly exciting as we have gotten the opportunity to lift the hood, converse with the founders and executive teams, and test the models of companies that later raise millions in series A and impact society. These startups are innovative, on the track of high growth, and are solving real problems.

Why I am telling you all of this? Its to introduce to a short blog series where we move the conversation away from startup law to give you a taste of the new vision of the Lazarus Growth startup lawyer who can truly become part of your team as they understand law and business. In this short series, we will provide an overview of some of the most important things that we have asked and have seen the founders and their teams be asked when they are looking for funding for their startups. Stay tuned!

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